Fatty Acids
Palm Fatty Acid Distillate    
Palm Fatty Acid Distilled    
Rice Bran Fatty Acid Distillate    
Rice Bran Fatty Acid Distilled    
Soya Fatty Acid Distillate    
Soya Fatty Acid Distilled  
Palm Kernal Fatty Acid Distillate    
Coconut Fatty Acid Distillate  
Coconut Fatty Acid Distilled    
Sunflower Fatty Acid    
Fatty Alcohol Residue    
Oleic Acid    
Acid Oils
Soya Bean Acid Oil
Groundnut Acid Oil
Rapeseed Acid Oil
Palm Acid Oil
Sunflower Acid Oil
Coconut Acid Oil
Cottonseed Acid Oil
Mix Acid Oil
Rice Bran Acid Oil    
Vegetable Oils
Palm Oil
Linseed Oil (RLO)
Soya Bean Oil
Linseed Oil (ARLO)
Sunflower Oil
Rapeseed Oil
Rice Bran Oil
Cottonseed Oil
Non - Edible Oils
Karanjia Oil
Recovered Caster Oil
Sulphurised Karanjia Oil (S .K .O)
Rice Bran Oil (H.L.L. Terms)
Mowrah (Mahuwa) Oil
Hydrogenated Caster Oil (H.C.O.)
Coconut Oil (Yellow)
Hydrogenated Palm Oil (H.P.O.)
Coconut Oil (White)
Palm Stearin
Caster Oil Commercial
Palm Kernel Oil
Caster Oil B.S.S
Sludge Oil
Residue Oil
Mutton Tallow
Refined Yellowish White Mutton Tallow
Soap Noodles
Soap Noodles 80:20 (Indian)
Oleo Stearin Pitch
Rice Bran Pitch
Fatty Amine Pitch
Stearic Acids  
Stearic Acid (Rubber Grade)
Stearic Acid (Below 0.5 IV)
Stearic Acid (Below 3 IV)
Fatty Amine
All Type Of Edible & Non-Edible Ois & Fatty Acids & Derivatives.

As all above mentioned products are agricultural based therefore characteristics are subject to change from lot to lot & DINESH SALES CORPORATION does not hold any responsibility for the accuracy of the specifications mentioned.
All the specifications mentioned are collected from the outside sources & are only for information purpose.

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